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Hi. I'm Caitlin. Some people on the internet call me Cait. But most people call me Caitlin. I'm cool with either.

I was BFFs with Alex Carpenter - but I don't think I should be anymore...

Important and unimportant. Exciting and boring. It all has the chance of ending up here. (But mostly fangirling will end up here). Just accept it.

Currently, Revolution, Once Upon a Time, Starkid/Darren Criss, The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Supernatural, cats, and other pretty things are mostly posted.

Sometimes I edit the foul language out of posts, just because I don't care to have it on my blog.

I love making gifs, so if you want me to make one for you, I gladly will! Just submit a request! :)

My Apocalyptour Crystal Skull VIP picture is up! 

- Theme: I am dead, and they are all mourning.  

- I specifically demanded requested that Brian Holden hold me. 

- Brian was actually screaming/shouting when the photo was taken. I nearly smiled because of it. 

- I don’t know why Joe is smiling, but when I told him the theme earlier, he had smiled and said, “that’s morbid!” So I guess it just really made him smile?

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